Saturday, September 24, 2011

Death is not an Option

Inspired on 09/23/2011

This human body has an expiration date. Absolutely nothing we do will change that. No matter how hard we work at it, no matter how hard we try to extend our life here on this earth; when that day comes; it comes.

A healthy survival instinct is good; since we have and enemy that prowls around like a lion, seeking to destroy us. But we can be blessed in knowing that if we fall in the fight, we will awaken in a place where there is no death;  where there is no disease, suffering, or injury… not just for 50, 80, or even 100 years… but for all eternity; forever and always.

Isn’t it wonderful, that death is not an option for those of us that believe.

Do we compromise our eternity to please this dying flesh; do we give in to the longing of living; giving it sweet names, like the bucket list. Just to satisfy those final few years we have left in our earthly freedoms, or lives; in this capsule of flesh and bone?

Or do we start storing up our treasures in heaven, where we will always have them.

The Day Death Didn’t Matter Anymore

After a lifetime in church, we come to that day when we find or recognize our freedoms in Christ (The Anointing) . We look in the mirror, or someone happens by with one, and for the first time we actually see the man, or woman, God has been creating for the last 40 to 50 years.  Gradually we…  you start feeling a stir inside, a longing to leave the nest.

Completely against the laws of organized religion; against everything you learned and believed; you step out of the nest. Or maybe, just maybe, something happened to push you out of the nest.  And maybe, for the first time in your life, you feel your own air under your wings; we come to know as Gods Love, Mercy and Grace; like we have never known it. 

Suddenly the grass seems green’er, and the sky seems blue’er . You realize how free we are in the anointing and grace of God; under the blood Jesus shed for us.

But as Paul wrote, our freedoms may not be the same as others, and we should be very careful, as to not cause a brother or sister to fall… I believe that God, in His love and maybe even extended mercy, is bringing us old warriors and watchmen together; to see each other and connect; outside the usual organized religious forums. He is pressing us to carry His anointing, out of the confines of the church building; to the coffee shops, bike paths, and places our imagination has not even dreamed of yet.

If you are the sort that needs labels. I’m talking about the old fashion disciples, missionaries, prophets and the like… Men and women God has anointed and risen up, and sent out, into the world… into places they could never hope to enter wearing that Sunday suit, Smile, Haircut, and attitude. 

Some will step out of the nest and crash. Some will survive the initial flight, and others will be lifted back into the nest. If you think being a labeled Christian in church is hard, wait until you are out here, a labeled Believer.

Now don’t get all weird with all the semantics, because I’m doing my best to keep this short, a blog, not a book. 

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