Sunday, August 14, 2011

We walked alone

We walk alone, my muse and I
In the twilight of any day.
The night birds keep their distance,           
     honoring my time to pray...

So alone am I,
No more human love,
Only my muse and I,         
     and visions from above.

My muse, my Lord
My only true friend.
Hear my heart, my Words;              
     I am lonely again.

Silent is my world,
The children's laughter has died.
It was another season in my life,       
     another season I cried...

My hope is in another day,
A season ... brand new
Another season to fight,
     another season with you...

We walk alone,
In the twilight of the day.
The night birds brought me comfort,           
     as I walked this path and prayed.

Comfort me my friend,
In the darkness of this night,
This old warrior is tired;           
           the birds have taken flight...

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