Monday, December 12, 2011

Growing Up


image001Yes, I believe that at some point, believers out grow their church; insofar that they have graduated and are ready to serve in whatever capacity God has raised them up to serve in.  Some are raised up to serve in the church they grew up in, attrition. Someone has to be there to replace those who have gone home, retired, or had to move on.  Yes, God moves people after they are trained and mature enough to stand on there own two feet. 

At some point, believers grow up.  They learn to feed themselves, and even prepare meals for others. Some are not called into the five fold ministries and are there to support the body.  Then there are those who are separated, called out, to walk away from the safety of the church community; climb into the boat, and in faith, carry the anointing and good-news out into the world that they occupy.

As in Jesus day, these are the ones who are often called rebellious, or troublemakers; by the leaders that stopped calling their church a ministry and started calling it a business.  They actually say: "I am more than a pastor, I am a CEO of a million dollar business".  The conferences are no longer a place for county wide church leaders to strategize  how to bring Jesus to the community. Its a brag fest, where numbers are compared. So sad, so very very sad...

I hate saying such things, but they are things that need to be said.  I still believe the church has a very important part in the growing process.  A child left in the wilderness to fend for themselves grows up wild... but an adult can go into the wilderness alone, and build a sanctuary for those who have become lost, and have taken refuge in the dark places; where they become instinct driven, instead of faith driven.

I believe God is sending people out to minister to those who are lost in the wilderness; to guide those who have become confused and wondered out of the light into the darkness; and got lost.  He has raised up a group of people that will search the caves, the bushes, and the grave yards of the mind. To be a fresh anointing in their lives.

Fewer and fewer people are going to their church leaders and asking to be anointed and sent out.  Even if the leaders got weird along the way, there in much power, anointing, in being prayed over publicly, anointed, and sent out by the church leaders; even if the leaders themselves do not understand it, its what Jesus said to do.

That does not mean one cannot leave the church building and go out.  The Grace, and Mercy of God is amazing... and one should look deep into their heart and motives when they venture out, beyond the boundaries of the church parking lot.

Just say'n ... ;-)

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