Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You will not let yourself believe it…

Class Warfare has always been a big problem here locally. So much so, that I believe the more affluent just get pissed off and with-hold helping people they see in need.  I have personally witnessed this in many forms at so many levels. 

Its just the way it is... some have, some have more, and some don't have much at all; when the social ladder is in play.  What’s the big deal ?  It is what it is, and there isn’t anything wrong with the way it is.  Some say its all about greed. I beg to differ.  I have sat at every level of society and from what I can see it is about power.  And power can be achieved at any level of society.  

Most of the money, allocated to the safety net is spent on administration and pensions; not on food stamps or housing. 

The ones that do not have a whole lot, run into the wall of wannabes;  when they try to access the programs set up to help them become self sufficient, and make that self sufficiency sustainable. If they are not playing the game right, a power wannabe looses their file; or pushes the wrong button.  It would seem that, only a chosen few are allowed up and out of the net. 

If the ones that have, want to know where all that tax money is going, they need to look at those that are managing the social service safety net; not the people in it; or the people that need it.  They, the ones pouring money into the system, and/or complaining about how much it costs to keep the safety net open, need to check out both the governmental, and non-profit players in this game. I use the word game, because I have been told countless times, to get with the game or game plan, when I would ask the tough questions. 

I interviewed a few that managed to get free of the net and they offered the following summary, and I’m going to leave out the more horrific things:

The Game:  Knowing the right things to say…

  • Heaping praise, publically, on the right people or organization.
  • Learning to take a hint, as to when praise would be a good idea…
  • Learn the nonprofit language to self sufficiency and sustainability.
  • NEVER EVER appear like you will exceed anyone in the process, on your way up and out of the net.
  • You must be willing to get dirty. Be willing to be the eyes, ears, and hands, for those who do not want to get dirty.  You could be asked to spy on your neighbors or co-workers. 
  • Once out of the net, leave the area as soon as possible; you will be reminded on a regular basis, to offer up praise and worship to those who may have helped you or gave you a break. There will be someone… who will not let you forget that you owe them.

Unfortunately, we have an element of society here in Lane County, that loves the class warfare; and they are not who you think. They are not the ones protesting or writing the editor.  The more the poor cry out from the net, the more powerful they feel.  How very sad… very sad indeed.    

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