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The Prison of Un-forgiveness

You have prayed and prayed, yet things are not turning out the way you hoped… And it seems the promises of God do not apply to you. Why!?

The chains, or prison, of Un-forgiveness can hold both people in bondage. By maintaining Un-forgiveness you could bind God’s hands; if that person is in someway a part of your life; and it will inhibit your prayers.

Look at (Matthew 6: 14-15): "For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

If You do not release your brothers trespasses, God cannot let go of yours. This takes us to Matthew 18:22-35. Notice that the forgiven servant did not forgive. Because he could not forgive and held another in bondage; in prison; he himself ended up in prison right beside him where he was tortured, until he had forgiven or paid his original debt. The only way he had to pay his debt was to forgive the man that he had not forgiven. The torturer or as some translate it, "the tormentors" are there to discipline us, or even as a punishment to turn us away from our Un-forgiveness.

This does not happen because our heavenly Father is a big bully waiting for His chance to club us. It happens because He loves us. He knows the destructive power of Un-forgiveness and seeks to remove this bondage as quickly as possible. The prison of Un-forgiveness is not a fun place to be; often referred to as Gods Wood Shed. You are constantly tormented by the thoughts of revenge or the uneasiness you must endure every time this person is present, either physically or in thought.

The destructive power of Un-forgiveness is greater than any other violation or sin known to either God or man. When you hold someone in this prison you hold them in bondage to the very thing you seek to see changed in them. You can pray until you are blue in the face and it will not do a bit of good (Mark 11:25).

Forgiveness is An Action Word

Be it forgiveness or Un-forgiveness, we are talking about an action word. While praying and seeking God’s wisdom before writing this, the Holy Spirit kept comparing forgiveness to love. Un-forgiveness is the exact opposite of love; practically its mirror image.

Forgiveness is a verb, in relation to one person forgiving another. It comes from the Greek word “hiemi” meaning to let go, suffer or yield up. A paraphrase would be to let go of or release the offense; or cancel the debt. So, to forgive someone would mean you are releasing them from bondage, thus releasing yourself from bondage, or prison.

Our heavenly Father forgives us "as" or after we have forgiven. After we have forgiven then He can deliver us from the evil one; the tormentor. Until we have forgiven, the tormentors have a legal right to torment us.

Love and Un-forgiveness can be compared to nuclear power. Nuclear power’s negative side would be a bomb. Take that same power and apply it positively and it warms homes and families. It supplies lighting and energy that can run many homes.

Love and Un-forgiveness are equal in power and strength. One can utterly destroy and the other can bring healing and warmth. Love can conquer and wipe away Un-forgiveness. Un-forgiveness can conquer and wipe away love. 

Inhibits Our Prayers

“And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses." Mark 11:25

Here we see how and why our prayers are inhibited. Have you been standing in faith for something; and never seem to see any results? King David said it better than anyone has ever said it: "Search me, O God, and know my heart;...see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting." (Ps. 139:23-24).

Here we see the heart of David. "Search me..." Have you asked God to search your heart for what might be forgotten or misplaced Un-forgiveness? Could there be a wall between you and the very thing you have been praying for?

Sometimes forgiving is harder than giving up your hand. You would much rather loose your dominant hand than forgive his person for what they have done to you. When it comes to an intimate relationships, the littlest things can hurt deep. The hurt goes so deep it strangles the life (love) out of you.

Forgiveness is not a feeling, It is a decision to write off a debt.

Does forgiving mean you have to trust this person? No it does not. Once trust is broken, it must first be repaired and then earned once again. Forgiving someone is very hard and sometimes begins with the willingness to be willing to forgive. Only God can take you to that point. He can help you reach the point of wanting to forgive, if you ask him. Forgiveness is washing his car... not wanting to run over him with it.

The tiniest acts of love can tear down that Un-forgiveness. Your smallest action of love might start with a little prayer for this person. A little "bless them Lord" pulls the tormentors whip back. Then one day you might wrap your arms around them in total love. God reaches down at this point and He personally removes the tormentors from your lives. The healing is well on its way. Now you can work on the trust again. Some get through this process faster than others.

Are you willing? To be willing?

In Prison Over A Lie

Another point and one that has cropped up more and more is: the person who holds onto Un-forgiveness towards another person for something that was never done.

Are you in prison? Holding onto Un-forgiveness on the grounds of a story you made up to bring validity to your testimony or justification? Are there any stories like this in your life? Did you begin to believe the story yourself? Have you been imprisoned over false testimony; your own?

Exaggeration is all a part of the anger and hurt that goes along with separation and depression. Have you exaggerated; do you have anything that you need to make right, so you can enjoy freedom and peace of mind once again? Do you want to be free?

Repeat this little prayer:

Lord, please forgive my Un-forgiveness.
Help me to forgive and release me and (_________)
from the prison of Un-forgiveness. Bless (_________)
and open a door for me to show your love to (_________)
Thank You Lord for hearing my prayer. Amen.

Thank You For Visiting

Greg Ewert

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