Monday, January 2, 2012

Stupid - The Pandemic of 2112

There seems to be a pandemic that is spreading across the world as I write this. I look at the headlines this morning and all I can do is shake my head. 

Stupid, seems to have spread at an astronomical rate across the planet.  That's right, a deadly pandemic of stupid.  It's the only word that comes to mind when looking at the choices and decisions people are making right now. 

Have things changed? Or is technology making it possible for us to monitor humanities stupidity in real time.  With the use of technology, something stupid can spread like a deadly virus from a little town in Kansas, to the Kremlin, in just a few seconds.  And then someone grabs the stupid and passes it on. 

What Happened To Common Sense?

These poor young people, as old as 30, using technology to be as stupid as possible, on the Internet, where it will be forever, for anyone to find, for the next 50 years. As long as 5 years ago, I started seeing how people were being denied jobs, for their stupid fun on the internet; and I started to send out the warning.  

It amazes me, how a women, who are looking for a good man, can think she's going to find a “good man”  by posting pictures of her and her girlfriends half dressed and drunk at the local bar or nightclub.  News Flash ladies, good men, will not consider anyone in that picture as a possibility, when it comes to long-term relationships like marriage. 

And the guys are just as bad.  They Get Drunk, take off their shirts, and wrap an AK-47 around themselves… Oh! Wow!  Look! now here is a guy I want to raise my children. 

Lets use some common sense.  You just might grow up one day and/or want to get on a plane.  One day you might have kids, and they will find them old pictures and videos. Or you finally get that one in a lifetime opportunity and guess what…  they are finding those pictures and comments you posted last week-end. 

And should you end up in court for whatever reason, that private account will not be private anymore.

Believe me… one moment of stupid can cost you your dreams.

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Greg Ewert

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